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Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday at 2am. In preparation for setting your watches back, view our watch 101 video to refresh your memory on how to properly wind and set your timepiece. 

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The Cartier Santos, designed in 1904, was one of the first watches created to be worn on the wrist.

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We have certainly written about the fabled history of the Cartier brand before. From its origin in the jewelry workshop of Louis-Francois Cartier in 1847, through the creation of its first wristwatch, the Santos Dumont in 1904 (created for Cartier’s friend and client the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont), Cartier has been synonymous with fine watches for well over 100 years. But while the Santos, the Tank and the Tortue watch lines have been in existence for generations, it was only after the turn of the century, in 2002 that Cartier created and launched its iconic Roadster line.

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